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Hospitality recruitment services are the recruiting engine that fuels the restaurant and hospitality industry. Restaurant jobs, restaurant management jobs, restaurant multi-unit jobs, restaurant corporate positions, hotel jobs, casinos and every restaurant or hospitality career in between – we make the connections that build rewarding careers and grow great brands.

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Looking for Hospitality staff? Visit our Hospitality recruitment department for information on our Hospitality recruitment services and opportunities

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Find out how we can assist you with your Hospitality Recruitment Services. We make it easier for you to find the candidates.

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Hospitality Recruitment Solutions

We welcome you to explore our hiring solutions – customized for each of your open positions. TLH is a trusted partner for companies of all sizes and placements at all levels. You will feel the difference that our personalized searches, placements, and robust resource centers offer

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We implement a 4 step process which makes us successful in fulfilling your business requirements. These 4 steps are:

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What we do

We offer services other recruitment firms do not. By going that extra mile, we make sure we stay on top of our game. Our services include…

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Career Opportunities

When you join the Priority Staffing team, you won’t think of your next job as just an assignment. Instead, you’ll treat it as a chance to develop your skills…

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